A Look at Prospect Zach Mettenberger

With the NFL Draft quickly approaching, the supposed “Day of Judgment” for the Houston Texans creeps closer and closer.  While there is still no indication as to who the Texans will select, many are claiming that whoever they pick will change the direction of this franchise, whether it be Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, […]

April 2014 by ethancohen

The Texans Should Draft Jadeveon Clowney without Any Further Hesitation

I will admit that I was one of the folks who was extremely high on Teddy Bridgewater at the end of the college football season.  Bridgewater seemed like he was the most pro-ready prospect available who would seemingly adjust very quickly to the NFL.  He was a complete master a Louisville offense that included checks […]

April 2014 by ethancohen

Will the Houston Texans Trade Away the First Overall Pick?

With rumors flying that the Houston Texans are attempting to move the first overall pick, Texans fans are wondering, “for what?”  According to reports, the Buffalo Bills are interested in trading up all the way from the ninth spot to attain the coveted first overall pick.  Like John McClain, renowned beat writer for the Texans, […]

March 2014 by ethancohen

The Great First Pick Debate of 2014: QB, Clowney, or trade?

It all started with the final offensive play for the Houston Texans on December 29 2013 versus the Tennessee Titans.  Quarterback Matt Schaub had just air mailed a belated Christmas present to an opposing player. Said player, Michael Griffin, as happy to see Matt Schaub throwing in his general vicinity as a child is at […]

March 2014 by billywitt

Deciphering Bill O’Brien’s Recent Comments on Rookie Quarterbacks

For the past few months, numerous draft analysts, mock pundits, and bloggers have pegged the Houston Texans as selecting a quarterback with their first overall pick.  Many believe that head coach Bill O’Brien is leaning towards picking Blake Bortles due to his physical stature, high potential, and connection with George O’Leary, who O’Brien previously worked […]

March 2014 by ethancohen

Thoughts on the Texans’ Moves in Free Agency

After an initial period of inactivity in free agency, Rick Smith and company eventually joined the fun and chaos by re-signing Garrett Graham and signing Jerrell Powe, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Kendrick Lewis. Graham was a must re-sign after the Texans cut ties with Owen Daniels.  If they had not resigned Graham, the Texans would only […]

March 2014 by ethancohen

Houston Texans Looking in Every Nook and Cranny for Their Next Quarterback

The Houston Texans are currently in the process of looking for their next franchise quarterback.  With Bill O’Brien and Rick Smith being extremely tight-lipped throughout this process, fans can only dissect so much of their quotes and actions.  Most Texans fans have already assumed that the Texans will absolutely select a quarterback with their first […]

March 2014 by ethancohen

Thoughts on the NFL Combine and Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, and Teddy Bridgewater

The NFL Combine officially started this weekend on February 22nd.  So far, most of the position groups, with the exceptions of defensive line, linebacker, and defensive backs, have participated in their workouts.  There were many surprises this weekend in regards to 40 yard dash time, broad jump, vertical jump, etc.  The key position group that […]

February 2014 by ethancohen

Would the Texans Trade for Ryan Mallett or Kirk Cousins?

Both the Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots have a similar goal this offseason: they both want to attain second round picks for their backup quarterbacks.  As reported by Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the Redskins would like a second round pick in return for the services of Kirk Cousins.  Similarly, Ian Rapoport […]

February 2014 by ethancohen

Thoughts on All the Pre-Draft Chatter Surrounding the Texans

This will be short and simple.  The Houston Texans, who currently own the rights to the first pick in this year’s NFL draft, have the tough assignment of picking the player they think can most improve the team.  Many draft pundits have already concluded that the Texans will inevitably select Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Jadeveon […]

February 2014 by ethancohen