Thoughts on All the Pre-Draft Chatter Surrounding the Texans

This will be short and simple.  The Houston Texans, who currently own the rights to the first pick in this year’s NFL draft, have the tough assignment of picking the player they think can most improve the team.  Many draft pundits have already concluded that the Texans will inevitably select Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Jadeveon […]

February 2014 by ethancohen

A Look Ahead at the Texans’ 2014-2015 Schedule

Although it is certainly way too early to predict how the Houston Texans will fare next season, that is exactly what I intend on attempting in this post.  By doing so, I am looking at the Texans’ 2014-2015 season with a very, very optimistic view.  This means that I expect that the quarterback situation will […]

February 2014 by ethancohen

Bill O’Brien Cements Coaching Staff

As reported by Tania Ganguli, Bill O’Brien, head coach of the Houston Texans, has finally officially announced his coaching staff for 2014-2015 NFL season.  Although most of these names have been reported by various beat writers and news outlets, today is the first time an official list is available.  The biggest names on this list […]

February 2014 by ethancohen

3 Ways for the Texans to Get Back to the Playoffs

With it being Super Bowl Sunday, I thought it would be appropriate to address the state of the Houston Texans and their pursuit of reaching the Super Bowl.  After hitting rock bottom this season after an off-season filled with Super Bowl hopes and aspirations, the Texans look to be in re-building mode (although owner Bob […]

February 2014 by ethancohen

Why Re-Signing Garrett Graham Makes Sense

The Houston Texans began the 2013-2014 NFL season with Super Bowl aspirations.  By the end of the year, they were ready to move on from the dumpster fire of a season and look forward to a new beginning.  There were very few bright spots from the season that could be recalled.  Yes, J.J. Watt was […]

January 2014 by ethancohen

Why The Texans Need an Official Offensive Coordinator

Bill O’Brien, the head coach of the Houston Texans, recently stated that he would be calling plays on offense for the Texans during the 2014-2015 season.  Last season, the Texans’ offensive coordinator was Rick Dennison.  However, Gary Kubiak, the Texans’ previous head coach, called the offensive plays.  O’Brien already has a lot of pressure on […]

January 2014 by ethancohen

Romeo Crennel?? Really?

Romeo Crennel is a good defensive coordinator, no doubt. But his 3-4 doesn’t mesh well with what is already in place, like JJ Watt and Antonio Smith. He has traditionally used big, beefy guys to be his D-Line and Watt and Smith do not fit into that class. However, it might bode well for the […]

January 2014 by fullofbull


After a horribly embarrassing season, the Texans have begun a true rebuilding mode. With Bill O’Brien now at the reigns, and practically every coach of the Kubiak era gone, what do we do now? I hope we don’t get Johnny Manziel. While he is a fabulous talent and has a great future ahead of him, […]

January 2014 by fullofbull

Romeo Crennel Possibly Heading to the Houston Texans

Romeo Crennel may be heading to the Houston Texans to fill the defensive coordinator position that Wade Phillips recently held. Although nothing is official, Chris Mortensen reports that Crennel looks like he will join Bill O’Brien’s staff after coaching the East-West Shrine college all-star game.

January 2014 by ethancohen

Season In Review: 2013 Houston Texans

The nightmare that was the 2013  Houston Texans season is over. The off season is upon the Texans, and it’s not being made a secret that changes are coming.

December 2013 by mylesgarriette