Mark Sanchez to Houston?

Could Houston realistically be the next spot for the infamous Mark Sanchez?  As reported by Ian Rapoport, if the Houston Texans do end up shipping Matt Schaub and his ludicrous contract off to the Oakland Raiders or the Cleveland Browns, they could be players in the Mark Sanchez sweepstakes if he were to get cut from the New York Jets.

Sanchez, a five year NFL veteran, lost his starting spot at quarterback to rookie Geno Smith last season and looks like he will be cut or traded sometime before March 25 so the Jets will not have to pay his signing bonus.  Overall, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch had a fantastic initial run, appearing in two AFC championship games in Sanchez’s first two seasons in the NFL.  In the process of going 4-2 in the playoffs, Sanchez tied four other quarterbacks for the second most post-season road victories by a quarterback in NFL history (he now is tied for third due to Joe Flacco’s and Eli Manning’s recent playoff success).  Many note that those Jets teams were anchored by its stifling defense led by Rex Ryan and company, not its high-octane offense, so many question whether Sanchez’s initial success was due to his talented team or his individual talent.  The former is the most likely answer as shown by Sanchez’s regression following his unreplicable start to his career.

Mark Sanchez 2

The Sanchize/Butt Fumble/ whatever nickname suits your fancy is an appealing option for a team in desperate need of an experienced signal-caller.  Although I personally am not the biggest Mark Sanchez fan, he makes sense for what Houston is trying to do going forwards.  I mean even his collection of nicknames far surpass that of the Schaubnado.   Is Sanchez a better option than Schaub?  That is debatable.  Statistically, Schaub has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the NFL over the past few years.  However, Schaub obviously fell off the deep end last year and quickly lost favor in Houston.  Sanchez has proven that he can win with a strong supporting cast (something the Texans are trying to build up) and is much younger and cheaper than Schaub.  By signing Sanchez to a reasonably priced contract, the Texans would seemingly have their veteran quarterback going forward.  This would allow the team to pick the best available player on their board at number one overall, presumably Jadeveon Clowney, or trade back to a desperate team and hoard a plethora of picks instead of reaching for an unproven quarterback with their first pick.  Even if the Texans do end up drafting a quarterback with their second round pick, who knows, maybe Sanchez pans out, exceeds expectations, and earns the job as the team’s starting quarterback for the foreseeable future instead of being just a “bridge” for another quarterback.

Whatever the case may be, the Texans are doing their due diligence in looking for their next quarterback, and although it may not be what Texans fans are clamoring for, it shows the team is serious about finding the best available option and not succumbing to what the fans want.  Both Mark Sanchez and the Houston Texans are in need of a fresh start, so this seems like a great scenario for both camps.


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