Texans Working On Deal With O’Brien

According to multiple NFL media reports, Penn State head coach Bill O’ Brien is in contract talks with the Houston Texans to fill the vacancy at head coach. After meeting with Texans officials in his Massachusetts home within the last 72 hours, O’ Brien emerged as the favorite. A contract is expected in the coming weeks.

While nothing is official yet, Bill O’ Brien meets the main criteria Owner Bob McNair listed when he announced the firing of Gary Kubiak. Bob McNair made it very apparent that he wants a coach with NFL experience and head coaching experience. O’Brien just finished his second year as head coach of the Nittany Lions, and served as an assistant for the New England Patriots from 2007 to 2012, before becoming the team’s offensive coordinator.

Even with Bill O’ Brien being the ‘overwhelming favorite’ thus far, the Texans still plan on interviewing other candidates. They’ve already spoke to former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith and current interim head coach Wade Phillips, and plan on speaking with others as well.

However, reports have surfaced stating that O’Brien confirmed to incoming Nittany Lion Thomas Holley that he will be staying at Penn State.

“He said it’s not true, he’s going to be at Penn State and he’s going to be there for me when I get there,” Holley told ESPN.com Saturday evening.

Whether Bill O’ Brien decides to come to the Texans or not, they have the core players in place to be able to contend in the AFC for years to come, and that has to attract many of the unemployed NFL coaches.




The Houston Texans have met with Bill O' Brien, and reportedly dealing with contract negotiations.

The Houston Texans have met with Bill O’ Brien, and reportedly dealing with contract negotiations.

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