Texans vs. Bills Game Preview


Photo by: Kellen Micah/ICON SMI

The 6-1 Houston Texans are hoping to finish the first half of their 2012 NFL season with a dominant 7-1 record by defeating the Buffalo Bills. The Texans are coming off of an extended break due to their bye week, but so are the Buffalo Bills, so the bye wasn’t able to provide either team with an extra advantage, but expect both teams be well rested and firing on all cylinders. The Bills defense is the last ranked defense in the NFL, but that is due to them giving up 35 points or more in all four of their losses, but in their three wins they haven’t given up more than 17 points.

The Bills defense appears to be a very hot or cold unit, and the Texans will be hoping to get the cold defense, and if not, they will try and turn them cold just like the Patriots did to the Bills in week four. The one thing that the Texans better be prepared for is the dynamic duo of C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson. Those two running backs have been lights out this year, and this may be the first time since the season opener that the two backs are 100% healthy. They have the Bills ranked as the third best rushing team in the league, and will likely not be afraid to try and use those backs against the third ranked rushing defense that the Texans have. This game may come down to what team can have the better running game, but the Texans do have majority of the advantages across the board, including home field advantage. The Texans should be able to win this game, but it has potential to be a close game.

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