Texans Look To Remain Undefeated In Week 4

If there is one team in the league where it is justified to put a -12 point spread on them, its the Houston Texans.  This team has looked absolutely dominant in the first three games of the season, and is going into a relatively easy divisional match up in week 4 against the Tennessee Titans.  They just need to spread the ball around on offense and they should be able to get an easy win this week in Houston.

One of the many things the Texans do very well is run the ball.  They have arguably the best running back in the league at their disposal in Arian Foster, which should be a big worry for a Titans team that has given up over 100 points in just three games on the season.  Add to that the fact that they also have a great back up runner in Ben Tate, and the Titans’ D looks to be in big trouble on the ground this week.

The Titans worries do not end at the running back position, however, as Matt Shaub can get the ball moving in the air as well.  He has one of the best receivers in the league at his disposal, too, with Andre Johnson, so the Titans have that to worry about as well.  This will surely not be a good day for Tennessee if they do not get something going on the offensive side of the ball to keep up with an elite Texans team.

All the Texans need to do this week to both win and cover their NFL odds is stay consistent.  If they can do this, then they will surely be able to pull out a win against a Tennessee Titans team that looks sloppy and not ready for a team of the caliber of the Houston Texans.

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