Dolphins vs. Texans

A new, hopefully healthy season starts this weekend for the Texans, and they welcome in a Dolphins team that has a chance at being the worst team in the NFL this season. While this should be an easy win for Houston, the Dolphins still have a solid team, as everyone in the NFL does. NFL Odds for the Texans are all over the place for this game, but the public loves Houston. The Texans are favored anywhere from -11 ½ to -13 ½ in this game, and as long as everyone stays upright the entire game, Houston should win easily.

A season of hope last year turned into a disappointing season. Even though there were several things from 2011 that were good signs, the injuries to all of the Texans best player shut down their Super Bowl hopes.

Enter 2012, where everyone is seemingly healthy, and the AFC is almost wide open. The Texans have the best defense in the AFC (sorry Ravens fans) and it will be on full display Sunday afternoon. Losing Mario Williams will hurt, but JJ Watt should fill in nicely, and have a major impact when the Texans are trying to get to the quarterback.

While Matt Schaub’s preseason hasn’t been perfect, he has played ok. Schaub doesn’t need to be Tom Brady for the Texans to win. All he has to do is manage the game, and allow the running attack to work its’ magic. If Schaub only has to throw 20-25 times, the Texans will win 13 games this season. Hopefully, the Texans will get a big lead and let the running game run wild on the Dolphins.

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