Houston Texans make Cuts to Limit Roster to 53

Per the NFL requirements for all teams to have no more than 53 players on their active roster, the Texans were one of many teams that had to make some very difficult decisions by Friday evening. Among the players that the Houston Texans informed of the unfortunate news were a few surprises, but the biggest surprise was that the backup safety, Troy Nolan, was cut. By now, Nolan is already a member of the Miami Dolphins, but having played well for the past seasons in his role as the backup safety, the move was a surprise to many.

Additionally, although it isn’t really a surprise, it’s important enough to note that the Texans will be going into the 2012 season with three active quarterbacks, Matt Schaub, Matt Leinart, and the ex-Redskin John Beck. John Beck received a lot of hype from the Washington DC media when they couldn’t wait to have Rex Grossman replaced. Unfortunately for Beck, he replaced Grossman at one point and severely disappointed Redskins fans by not matching the hype. In Houston, we think he’ll be a solid scout team quarterback and a quality third stringer.

Other than DB Troy Nolan, the Texans also released the following: TE Logan Brock, LB Keith Browner, LB D.J. Bryant, DT Hebron Fangupo, RB Jonathan Grimes, NT David Hunter, WR Juaquin Iglesias, WR Jerrell Jackson, LB Delano Johnson, QB Case Keenum, DT Mitch King, LB Shawn Loiseau, WR Jeff Maehl, OT Nathan Menkin, LB Rennie Moore, FB Moran Norris, DB Eddie Pleasant, TE Philip Supernaw, OL Cody Wallace, and OT Cody White.

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