On to the Playoffs

Houston was locked into their 3 seed last week against the Titans, and had little to play for other than to keep rhythm for the playoffs. Both the Texans and Titans fought neck to neck for most of the game. Houston started the game with T.J. Yates as the quarterback, but was quickly replaced by Jake Delhomme after one series. If the Texans expect to make a run this postseason, it is going to be with Yates at the helm. Delhomme is no longer a serious threat at quarterback, although he did play reasonably well against a Tennessee team with their backs against the wall.

With the Texans down seven and the Titans with the ball, Houston needed a stop or a turnover to get the ball back, and they got the latter on a fumble by Ahmad Hall. With the ball back Delhomme and the offense put together a 31 yard drive for a score and a chance to win. Kubiak chose to go for the two point conversion, which is sensible because there is no reason to force his team to play any longer being that they were locked into their playoff seed. Unfortunately they were not able to convert and ended up losing 23-22, for a season split with the Titans.

Although Cincinnati loss their game to the Ravens, they were still able to make the playoffs with everyone else vying for a spot, losing as well. Houston will host the Bengals at 4:30 on Saturday, which measures up to be an excellent game. The Texans will be favored in the game, but Cincinnati will pose a tough test and should not be overlooked. One oddity in this game will be that there will  be two rookie quarterbacks facing off in the playoffs. Expect the team with the better quarterback performance to win, which in my opinion will be Andy Dalton, but anything can happen.

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