Houston’s Offense Fails Late in 29-14 Loss

With Andre Johnson and Mario Williams out, the Houston Texans knew they had a tough task to beat the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, but Houston had chances to win the game late, but they were unable to capitalize on their opportunities.

Through three quarters the two opponents played evenly, with the score at 16-14 in favor of Baltimore. When the fourth quarter started the Ravens kicked it into another gear and began dominating the Texans, outscoring them the rest of the way 13-0. It is very difficult to win in the NFL when you are outscored, and totally outplayed in the fourth quarter of a game, and it was no different in this game.  The former Dolphin Ricky Williams scored a touchdown for the Ravens in that fourth quarter and allowed Baltimore to play at ease the rest of the way.

The Texans offense was only able to produce 58 yards and 3 first downs in that fourth quarter, and really gave themselves no chance of winning the game with the score so close. Houston travels to Tennessee next week to take on the Titans for a first place showdown in the AFC South.

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