Houston gets Raided and Lose 25-20

A day after Al Davis’ death the Houston Texans knew it would be a tough assignment to knock off the Oakland Raiders, but they were unable to complete it, falling short 25-20.

The game started off well for the Texans, with Arian Foster picking up chunks of yards and Schaub finding Walter in the end zone for the early go ahead touchdown. Unfortunately for Houston on the ensuing drive Mario Williams injured his pectoral muscle and will miss the rest of the season. Williams’ absence will be a huge blow for the Texans moving on.

After Schaub hit Joel Dreesen, who was wide open down the left sideline, for a touchdown the Texans had built a 14-6 lead, but it would not last for long. The Raiders were able to score a touchdown on their last possession before the half on a Howard-Bey catch and run cutting the Houston lead 14-12.

To start the second half the Raiders’ Janikowski hit another 50+yard field goal to give Oakland a 15-14 lead. The Texans were able to answer with a field goal of their own, but the Raiders were able to retake the lead again.

With less than a minute left Schaub led the Texans down the field and had the ball on the 5 yard line with seconds to go. However he was intercepted by Michael Huff in the end zone preventing the comeback and finishing Houston off.

The Texans fall to 3-2 and will be without their all-pro linebacker Mario Williams for the rest of the season, and all-pro receiver Andre Johnson for a few more weeks. Houston travels to Baltimore next week, a game in which the Ravens will be coming off the bye presenting another tough test for the Texans.

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