Houston Dominates Pittsburgh 17-10

Although the score does not show it, the Houston Texans beat up the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. From the opening drive of the game, when the Texans methodically moved the ball down the field, with Arian Foster leading the way, taking eleven minutes off the clock and scoring a touchdown; it was clear the Texans were ready to play. After that drive Houston continually shot themselves in the foot, with stupid penalties preventing themselves from really laying it on Steelers.

Arian Foster had his first big game of the year since his injury rushing for 155 yards and a touchdown on 30 carries. The Texans did not want to use him as much as they did, but Ben Tate got hurt during the first quarter forcing Foster to play a few more snaps.

Houston’s defense was all over Roethlisberger from the onset, hitting him repeatedly and sacking him five times, two from star linebacker Mario Williams. Williams has settled into his new position at outside linebacker, after playing defensive end his whole career. On the flipside the Texan’s offensive line did an excellent job all day, opening up huge holes for Foster, and giving Schaub plenty of time to work in the pocket.

If Houston did not commit so many stupid penalties they would have beat Pittsburgh, by twenty points, but penalties are a part of football, so they will have to prevent them from happening if they want to continue to win games. The Texans travel to Oakland next week, which will be no easy task against the great running game they have led by Darren McFadden.

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